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The Venezuelan sensation

Interviewee @ Pure London August 2015

What do you know about Venezuelan fashion? Thought so. Well find out a bit more from Yismery Campos, the creative behind Tarshish – which you will find at this season’s Pure

How would you describe your designs?
My designs are simple but unique, full of color and sensuality.

Who is your ideal customer?
A daring woman that is not afraid to stand out, especially those who are not afraid to show their female beauty.

What are you doing new for next season?
Ethnic pieces and artistic fabric patterns inspired by my homeland Lara [a state in Venezuela].

How important are trends for you - and how do you stay on top of them?
I follow the trends by reading fashion magazines and visiting shows, however in my own collections I mostly only make use of the colour trends and not so much the design trends. I tend to follow my own creativity.

What is your design philosophy?
Every woman is beautiful in her own way, shape and shade of colours.

And what is the design process - how do you design?
I look for materials that catch my eye, I pick them, I play with them and I combine them until I get the final design.

Your designs are confident with colour - how do you come up with the ideas? What inspires you?
What inspires me is the color itself, I just love vibrant colors.

Who is your fashion icon and why?
Elie Saab, because he is an instinctual designer, has an innate sense of cut; he adjusts his creations directly on the female form, draping fabric on the body, without drawing, without patterns and this is the way how I became a designer, I didn't get any university preparation to do what I like most.

What is the most inspirational period in fashion history?
For me there are two - the elegant 30s and the daring 70s.

What is the difference between the Venezuelan and UK fashion markets?
The main difference is in terms of seasons, in Venezuela you can wear spring-summer clothes the entire year while in UK you need to design for winter as well, which makes this market more demanding.

What are the main challenges of selling fashion internationally?
The main challenge is to where to position myself in the market wherever I am and where to focus the marketing on in different places. 

What retailers excite you and why?
Harvey Nichols, because they present a variety of high end talented designers.

How do you like to dress?
Elegantly for special occasions and in sportswear at work.

What is your favourite global destination?
So far, judging on the places I have visited, North European cities like Berlin, Amsterdam and London I find very exciting from a fashion point of view. There are so many different styles and people are really trying to be special, even though the season does not always allows that.

And what do you like to do when in London?
Visit fashion places, artistic places and restaurants.

What is your must-have fashion piece?
My must have is waxed jeans and the must have fashion piece I would like my clients to wear are my Tarshish skirts. These really represent my style in terms of color patterns and female body shape.

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